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August 2008
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Crazy Diabetic Week

August 25th, 2008 by Chris S

Well, what a week it has been.  After coming back from a nice, but short vacation, it was time to get back to reality.  First, I received the keys to my new apartment and started to move in most of my stuff, got all the big stuff out of the way first.  This whole process of moving and getting the keys was very stressful, but didn’t have much affect on my sugar levels, which surprised me.  Then yesterday when I was doing a lot of moving, I was doing it pretty quickly because it looked like it was going to rain, so I was sweating and getting a good race of the heart.  My levels shot up though.  Different types of exercise make my levels do something different everytime, I can’t quite figure it out yet.

I will be going to Daytona Beach, FL for the weekend and I always have a habit of not testing while away.  It gets as bad as not even testing once in a 3 days period.  I told myself that I will test at least 4 times a day still, no excuses, even if it means carrying a little bag around with me every single place that I go, I don’t care!

Lastly, I have another A1C test coming up pretty soon, so stayed tuned for the next round of results.  I have to get the test done before my insurance runs out at the end of the month!  Still haven’t found a conclusion for this yet!


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