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Loving my CGMS, but still need answers from YOU!

April 23rd, 2009 by Chris S

What is this thing called blogging that all these people are doing?  It’s been so long, I almost forgot how to blog!  Well I am back now, it has been an intense two weeks, a lot of things going on, working on a lot of great events that I will let you all know about shortly.

I have successfully gone a full week with the CGMS and I love it.  I don’t have it on today, but I do love it, however I have a few more questions for all of you.  I was giving these things when I received my supplies, I don’t remember their name, but it is something sort of like a transmitter adhesive patch.  But it came with no directions and I have no idea what it is used for at all.  It has stickiness on both sides, so that confuses the heck out of me.  I have just been using the IV Prep 3000 to cover it and that has seemed to be working fine.  My question about that is this, what should I use to get the stickiness off of my skin, you know the dark colored sticky stuff that stays on your skin after you take it off?

My next question is actually about the infusion set side of it, I wear the quick set.  The IV prep 3000 is good to put over the infusion set if I am, lets say going down to the Phillies – Marlins game on a Sunday afternoon at 1:30 to watch my defending World Series Champs (that’s this Sunday by the way), and it is hot and my infusion set may fall out (which happened at last year’s game).  I wouldn’t have any reason to disconnect the infusion set, so the IV Prep is fine, but is there something out there like the Iv 3000, but it has a circle cut out in it, so I can just put it over the infusion set and still be abl to connect / disconnect the tubing whenever I wanted?

All in all the CGMS was great.  I loved just pulling out my pump to see what my sugar was, and the calibration was surprisingly perfect!

I look forward to hearing answers to everything, and I appreciate it.



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Finally Attempted my CGMS!

April 3rd, 2009 by Chris S

This weekend was a somewhat relaxing weekend.  Saturday was the local JDRF walk and it was a lot of fun.  I was actually asked to go on stage and be a judge in the t-shirt design contest.  It was so tough because I wanted to choose them all but unfortunately I couldn’t.  Later Saturday night I was not doing anything so I decided to finally set up the CGMS.  After attempting to input the first sensor, with shaky hands because I was nervous, I didn’t do it correctly so it started to bleed.  So, I attempted again, with a little more bravery and confidence.  This one went in successfully.  It was working fine and then after about 15 minutes my pump was giving me the symbol that it was not communicating properly with the sensor.  I was able to set it up, but still wasn’t fully confident and comfortable with how it worked, so I decided to turn it off and attempt to do it again another time.

I will spend a little more time figuring out exactly how it works, because now I have no problem inserting it because after 2 somewhat successful tries, I think I’m OK with it now.  Wish me luck on the continued success of my CGMS.


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CGMS Questions…Help I Need Answers!!

April 2nd, 2009 by Chris S

I have been sticking to the diet so far this week.  Only 1 bad meal so far, and maybe another today, but that’s better then a bad meal everyday during the week.  I haven’t dropped any weight off because I haven’t been able to exercise because I don’t have anytime to do it at all.  I am trying to get myself a little earlier in the morning and just take a quick jog, it only takes 10 minutes, but it is so tough to get myself started in the morning, let alone go for a jog that early.

Ok, main part of today’s blog is because I have questions.  Since I am starting the CGMS on my own with no training, I need all of your help.  Once I insert the sensor and attach the transmitter, when I want to take a shower, I have to put a IV Prep over it, but do I disconnect the transmitter and put the prep over the transmitter?  Or do I disconnect the transmitter and put the prep only over the inserted sensor?  Also, will a wireless internet connection easily disrupt the signal between the transmitter and the pump?  Because when I was wearing it for just about 30 minutes the other day it was fine, but as soon as I went onto the computer, the status symbol came up that it wasn’t transmitting properly.

Anybody that can give advice or answers, it is greatly appreciated.


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